¡Ni un paso atrás!

I want to play
A little game
I want to tell all your stories
Full phrases
The expressions on the faces
Give names
I want to sell the world all your secrets
And there’ll be no detail too small
I know I need to out myself
To out you
Let’s go
I’m not afraid to go down with the ship
Don’t bother to make me an offer
As surely I will refuse
I’ll watch while you attempt to continue to consume the world
“Keep playing with little girls, you’re gonna have problems”
And when I told you
I thought that you knew, my darling
I'm a little girl too
I’m going to have my way
I’ll have back
Everything you’ve ever taken
Oh yes, I want to play
I still have
With your name attached
All the things
You ever said
Not one step back my little soldier

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