Love letter

My beloved Frida,

It's no exaggeration
I was electric
It is you to be alive
Touching a current warm like water
Thick as blood
Immense happiness
A splendid warm day
That sadness permeates
Open now
Sweat dripping
Mind reeling
Oh woman
I know the feeling
I have loved you for so long
So sit here while I cry
Tourists passing me
Watching me
Count the tears
Shaking releasing taking in
Still coming
I've arrived to your garden
Sat under your trees
Found the picture of his
Pondered the imprint of your lips upon his face
Reminds me of a day
That he kissed you like he kissed me
You painted a picture to fill my eyes
I see the hurt and the heart and inside their heads
I thought of you, darling
Your reflection above the bed
All the pain, unimaginable
The greatness of heaven you've given
Distilled through all the agony of hell
I knew you crushed and ravished
Still strong as you could be
You've been my muse, my lover
My teacher, over and over
Blessedly wild
Always unmeasured.

Passionately yours,


1 comment:

Sheridan Leigh said...

beautiful tribute from an extraordinary soul.

i love diving into the profound depths of your ocean of poetry..,

Love you ESP