A mi me vale madres!

My horoscope today said this:

Poison from the past looks you in the face every day. If you're carrying around the phone numbers, email address and other contact information of love gone bad, today's a great day to delete irrelevant information. Usher in a new era of good energy.

Which is something I absolutely need to do.

I'm packing up all of my bad energy away and sending it to the moon.

An open letter, to anyone taking it to heart:

I'm not going to destroy anyone, not going to stoop so low as to share any sort of your terrible secrets, all the things that keep you up at night, that wake you up early and drive you from your bed. When you're in that hurricane, smiling through a miserable life, eating shit, living in the shadow of happiness, there is nothing-NOTHING that I could to to make your life worse. You're already in hell, and you know it. There is only one path to follow for you. Keep faking like it's all ok even though you feel rotten inside.You have made your bed, many of them. Lie in them, all of them and try to feel alive, remember what life was when you were free-I don't think you'll have much success. Ponder the sacrifices you are making, the risks you are taking for someone who doesn't love you and never will. What I gave to you, you are giving to them and all you'll end up is empty-hmmm emptier. So sad for you, living a shell of a life.

When you're thrown out like garbage, and trust me, you will be cast aside soon enough- don't think I'll pick you up again. You're on your own, stranger.

Think of the risks you took for someone who doesn't give a shit about you. And remember me, because I told you, you can't unring a bell once you've heard it.

You, and all your sadness, all your baggage, all your problems, all your cowardice, all your inability to face the music, on a rocket to the moon.

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