The prophetess has left the building.

Priestess of Delphi by The Honorable John Collier

Oracular utterances
I've been your prophetess
You admire the constant flow
Do you understand it is the decaying of my heart?
The demise of everything I've known
Exploited for the truth you knew
What was waiting to happen
Getting ready for you to go into that
Rabbit hole
Sulfur fumes
The heat of Hades
We delicately dance around the chasm
But once you tire of the niceties
You hold my head over the vapors
And demand names
Shoving me over the precipice
So that you might fall into other gaps
Or try to get out of the one you're in
Behold your virgin who uttered the oracle
Who now only musters up indifference
To hide the ecstatic pain
My most beloved supplicant
Your journey is over
The visit unnecessary
Your return home will be bitter
Defeat was in your heart
And your preparation only highlighted it
My life continues on the tripod
With your laurel leaves
My divination leaving neither one of us closer to the goal
You've been your own sacrifice
And by the same means, mine
Late night. I am caught up in the frenzy
Solitary, but divine