Chronicles of a coward

This time I will save my sparkle
Come at me with that
You know I love that
I know how to combat that
A delightful sound, the chorus of hairline fractures
In your porcelain heart
See if it can make you want to live a little more
Thumbs up, smile bright
Come bearing gifts
In the coming nights
Because we both know
Your presence was never enough
And destructive as it is delicious
I did always love to tear you down
To call your bluff
Cash in your chips, pray
Grasping at the name of something that left you so long ago
Trying like hell to win a rigged game
A shadow a shade your life a misplaced sentiment
Your dreams displayed upon a burning screen
A woman made you
And a woman broke you
And me? I just sat on the sidelines
Observed the devastation
Watched you try to try
Lit a million tiny fires
Stitched together your stories
Your burdens
Your unspeakable lies