Hide yourself in someone else, don't find yourself in me.

I forgive you Magdalena
For all of the bad ideas
The love you so desperately desired
You felt drain out so slowly
You watched navigate around
And somehow filter through you
I forgive you Magdalena
For taking me along for the ride
You thought it would be fun and it was
For a while
Until what once create fantastic friction
Created a fire that you could not put out
And I was in the middle
Like a witch at the stake
I release you from it all
From the lapses in judgment
The terrible mistakes
I cut the strands of hair that still mark where you were
Where you've stood
Where you've laid
tear marked
I shred the ribbons they tried to bind you with
You were a butterfly
They all tried to catch you in their net
And they succeeded, some of them
But then you played dead
And they set you aside
The minute they turned away
You started to fly
Magdalena, I pull the pins that tore your wings
A harsh victory
A glorious mess
A bittersweet memory
I absolve you Magdalena
Of all of the things you swallowed
All of the things you hid
Manifestations of the things you were denied
Real or make believe
Nothing more to confess
I forgive you for everything
Maladies by your hand
And what they did in turn
I release you
Sleep tonight
I forgive you Magdalena

I forgive you

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