Now here I go again I see the crystal visions

Teddy bears and sleeping pills
Help me calm the way I feel
Frays the thoughts I don't want to think
Makes me forget the bits that can't be filled
And gulp gulp
A little nap and little drink
Come close while I care
What ever gets me outta here
Whatever train that's going
Is gonna take me there
I give
I know what I give
I know what I give you when I don't put up a fight
Sleeping pills and teddy bears
Yea they're good for a little bit
So that I don't contemplate it too long
So I can learn to not give a shit
I gave
I know what I gave
I know what I gave you
Know that it doesn't make me wrong
Though we know it wasn't right
I can't remember the last time I fell for this
But I've got the bruises on my knees
As evidence
As fresh as last night
But I've got something in me now
That's gonna calm the way I feel
Soften the edges that you left rough
Much worse than I should have ever allowed
Gotta drag myself out of the darkness again
Drag myself into the light
I know what I gotta kick
I know what I gotta kick to stop being ill
A sickness that is charging now
It's bloated overdue bill
Pull me through the gates of horn, Morpheus
With a teddy bear and a sleeping pill

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