There will never be accountability for a man who was never taught what it means to want.

In back rooms there are secrets
All sorts of things to make us sick
And behind locked doors and afternoons blurred
He held me against my will
A film over the window
Don't dare scream
What would they say?
I'd be at fault
Because I only dared to put up a weak and watery fight
And in the end count myself lucky,
Dangerous games that lead to this
I'd like to say I am better than a tale told in shadow
That I am a particular girl
But in the end I'm just a slab of meat
No different than any other repository that came before
or that will suffer the same fate
An unfortunate mix of ethanol and protein
The lady doth protest?
I see no lady before me!
So kneel
In a nature of prayer
Consider yourself poised for greatness
Consider yourself blessed
What is there to tell?
You cried wolf one too many times
And finally he came out to charge

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